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|Open| I Can Hear the Bells

Who: Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi
What: Attempting the bell activity once again
Where: Konoha training grounds
When: After this journal, in the morning

[Active] Just Another Day in the Life...

Who: Kiba, Shino
What: Kiba worrying
Where: Konoha training grounds
When: After this post
Warnings: yaoi, cursing
Open: Nope


|Closed| The Nara Deers

Who: Shikamaru and Temari
What: Introducing Temari to the deer.
When: Just after sunset
Where: Nara forests

[open] Konoha's State of Mind

Who: Yamato & whoever shows up
What: Yamato is questioning the strength of Konoha shinobi
When: 1pm. on a clear sunny day.
Where: The Local Ramen Shop
Warnings: Drunk Ranting, Frustrated Attitude

{Open to Jiraiya} Return

Who: Jiraiya and Minato
What: Minato's back and kinda confused, and Jiraiya's about to get the shock of his life.
When: Afternoon-ish?
Where: The Red Lanturn
Warnings: None so far.

[open] Interesting Developments

Who: Kabuto & Tomoko
What: Kabuto is approached by Tomoko, but has matters of his own to discuss.
When: Late afternoon, after the Konoha ultimatum is delivered.
Where: Orochimaru's laboratory sector.
Warnings: None, yet, other than general creepiness.

[closed] Pet and Master

Who: Kabuto & Shisui
What: Kabuto approaches Shisui to discuss important matters.
When: Early evening.
Where: Shisui's apartment.
Warnings: None, yet, other than general creepiness.

Who: Naruto, and whoever else shows up
What: Training! Well... mostly training. And some lazing around.
When: An insanely hot afternoon; sometime after the punishment thread
Where: Training Ground #3
Warnings: None, at the moment

[Open] Can you help me ease the pain?

Who: Keiko and whoever makes sense to be in a special care medical ward (aka. As long as you can find a reasonable explanation [such a sneaking in to see Tsu or something] To be there then feel free to join in.
What: Keiko finally waking from her comatose state with no memory.
Where: Hospital, around 6:30 pm
When: Roughly a week and a half to two weeks after the rescue
Warnings: Most likely swearing from other people, thrashing about and screaming, medical stuffs

[Action Log] Hive Mind vs Pack Mentality

Who: Kiba and Shino
What: Settling the details, in private, of Shino's nocturnal ways
When: Couple days after their meeting of Mika, set in the morning hours
Where: Shino's old rooms at the Aburame complex
Warnings: Fluff of the gay variety? ♥

The Inuzuka was smart. He knew he could figure it out.Collapse )